APA Course Adoption Rules

***Please Note: Rules below apply only to college faculty within the United States, Canada, and Mexico. See Course Adoption Books for information about how to submit examination and desk copy requests from outside of the United States to one of APA's international distributors.

Examination Copy

An Examination Copy is a copy of a publication that a faculty member chooses to consider for course adoption. Upon approval, the publication will be sent to you. You have 30 days to examine the publication.

If you choose to adopt the publication you will be requested to provide the following information.

  • course title
  • course number
  • number of students
  • undergraduate or graduate class

Desk Copy

A Desk Copy is a free copy of a publication furnished for a faculty member's use when the publication has been adopted as a required text for classroom use.

General guidelines for the number of desk copies allowed:

  • The faculty member who adopts the book will receive one free desk copy, but the minimum number of students in the course must be 10 students or greater. The faculty member must provide an estimated course enrollment when submitting an electronic desk request via this Web site. Desk requests tied to course enrollments of fewer than 10 students cannot be fulfilled.
  • Additional instructors may receive one free desk copy per 20 students in the class.
  • No more than 10 additional instructor's copies will be issued.

Request Examination Copy

Select the number of different titles you will be evaluating.

Request Desk Copy

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