Presentation Title: Self-Concealment and Well-Being: Historical Overview and Toward Underlying Mechanisms

Abstract: In this talk first I will summarize the large body of research that has been published since the construct of self-concealment was launched on the relation between self-concealment and well-being. I will show that, summarizing emiprical data from over 50 studies, self-concealment is invariably negatively associated with well-being. This finding holds across time, methodology, samples, and countries. Subsequently, the focus is turned towards underlying mechanisms that may explain this deleterious relation. After a quick review of mechanisms that were put forward these last decades, I will discuss the most promising candidates in more detail using recent emprical findings as examples. Finally, I will present new data of a 5-year four waves longitudinal study to elucidate the dynamic interplay between self-concealment and well-being over time.

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