Presentation Title: Utilizing a Human Security Index to Achieve Educational Resiliency Among U.S. Vulnerable Populations

Abstract: Education remains the major tool by which people become empowered to increase their economic, social and personal well-being in our multi-cultural society. The focus of this presentation will be the specific educational challenges faced by vulnerable populations in urban areas that the HSI educational domain identifies, their implications and suggested reasonable interventions that would build educational resilience among residents of these communities. Specifically, the following factors will be addressed: 1) The average years of educational attainment are a measure of workers future earning potential will be discussed. 2) High school graduation and dropout rates as a portrayal of the performance of American schools with direct implications for the skill level of the future workforce, worker productivity and America’s long term economic growth. 3) How the number of unaccredited schools illustrates the health of the school system in regards to its level of effectiveness in educating all students in being able to demonstrate minimum state standards and in preparing them to pursue higher educational aspirations in order to be competitive in the global job market.

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