Candidate Statements for Division 13. Society of Consulting Psychology

Please note that the submission of a candidate statement was voluntary, so not all candidates listed on the ballot will have a statement.

Candidate: Mark I. Sirkin, PhD

Office: President-elect

Candidate Statement:

I have been an active member of Division 13 since 1990 when I became involved in consulting psychology; it has been my APA home ever since. During my 25-years plus as a consulting psychologist, I have been honored to work with many of you during my stints at RHR International, Hay Group, and other firms, as well as in my own firm when I have been practicing on my own. During all this time, I have been active in Division 13 and have served as a chair of the Program Committee and on the Executive Board and have led multiple programs and symposia on various topics including working with family businesses, coaching CEOs, politics in organizations, and a version of systems theory that I have found especially useful for consulting. I have written two books, one elaborating my version of systems theory -- The Secret Life of Corporations -- soon to be published in a second edition; and Regain Your Balance, a book for my clients and people who want to be coached. I have recently become interested in the ethical responsibility of corporations. Because Division 13 has been my home, I feel it is time to give back. My goals as President and President-elect will be to enable the Division, and its members, to articulate the special value-added that consulting psychologists bring to our clients and to begin a discussion about our unique perspective and how we help companies succeed.

Candidate: Judith (Judy) Blanton, PhD

Office: Council Representative

Candidate Statement:

I would be honored to serve as the Council Representative for Division 13 and am committed to making sure that the concerns of Consulting Psychologists were heard in the Council of Representative’s (COR) business. As a long -time member in SCP, I care deeply about our Division and our mission. I have served in a number of leadership roles in Division 13 over the years (including President) and have been honored by the Division for my efforts. I believe I can represent you well. Further, this is a critical time for APA and it is important that we move forward past the divisiveness of the past few years and demonstrate that we bring value to our members and our communities. Knowledge and experience with APA governance helps here. I have served as a COR member representing the California Psychological Association and was one of the founding members of the General Applied Psychology Caucus of Council. I have also served as Chair of the APA Board of Professional Affairs and on the Good Governance Task Force, which gave me insight into the structure and politics of APA. I make an effort to bring a thoughtful, balanced perspective to Council discussions and work to bring the knowledge and skills that we practice in consultation to the group processes and decision making of the COR.

Candidate: Randall P. White, PhD

Office: Council Representative

Candidate Statement:

Dear Colleagues:

I am running for another term on APA Council because 1) it is vital to continue the progress we have made over the past few years rebuilding trust and transparency in APA governance, and 2) Division 13 needs an increasingly determined voice within APA to represent the interests of applied psychologists.

We have a critical opportunity to assert the growing need for, and value of, non-clinical research, development and consultation to create healthier, happier, more productive organizations. With over 35 years of experience as a globally focused leadership development coach, consultant and professor, I have seen the powerful impact consulting psychologists can make.

With even more proposed change about how APA will operate, it is more important than ever that Division 13 has a knowledgeable and field-experienced advocate.

In my additional at-large role on the Council Leadership Team, I have been instrumental in the reorganization of APA (post Good Governance Project), making strides to build bridges between divisions to strengthen APA overall. My goal has been to create a more diverse, accepting and civil environment for all members and to provide a reliable voice for all applied psychologists.

I am humbled to have had this opportunity to serve and enthusiastic about continuing the progress within our division and for the association as a whole.

I am confident and excited to serve another term so we can maintain our momentum. Together we can make the voice of general applied psychology stronger and more central to the new APA

Candidate: Marissa A. Berman, PsyD

Office: External Affairs Domain Leader

Candidate Statement:

The Society of Consulting Psychology (SCP) has given me a wonderful, enriching and supportive community of professionals, colleagues, mentors and friends. I would like to give back to the SCP community and this fascinating field through the External Relations/Advocacy Domain Leader position. I have a particular interest in promoting and advocating for the advancement of consulting psychology and the professionals that make up the field. I would be honored to serve in this capacity.