Candidate Statements for Division 26. Society for the History of Psychology

Please note that the submission of a candidate statement was voluntary, so not all candidates listed on the ballot will have a statement.

Candidate: Russell Kosits, PhD

Office: President-elect

Candidate Statement:

The Society for the History of Psychology (SHP) is a cherished academic home, and I’m very grateful for this nomination and for the ways SHP has supported my work and career over the years. I was awarded the Best Student Paper in 2002, the Early Career Award for Research in the History of Psychology in 2006, served as Program Chair in 2008, Membership Chair between 2009 and 2017, and now chair of the new SHP Diversity Task Force. With about a decade's experience on the SHP Executive Committee, I have a strong sense of how Division 26 works and could move quickly into effective service as President-Elect.

I was trained in the history of psychology at the University of New Hampshire, and have taught history of psychology courses throughout my career, published historical scholarship in a variety of venues and presented my historical work at SHP, Cheiron, and other conferences. This work, very broadly speaking, has been on the ways that religious and secular worldviews have shaped psychological thought, and what this history might mean for the diverse worldview groups that constitute psychology today.

The way we narrate psychology’s past shapes psychology’s future. History—with its power to broaden perspective, deepen conviction, clarify purpose, and inspire action—is thus vital to all communities within our broad and diverse field. As president of SHP, I I would hope to share this inclusive vision for the history of psychology across the divisions of the APA, increasing and diversifying our membership.