Candidate Statements for Oregon Psychological Association

Please note that the submission of a candidate statement was voluntary, so not all candidates listed on the ballot will have a statement.

Candidate: Eleanor Gil-Kashiwabara, PsyD

Office: Council Representative

Candidate Statement:

I am running to represent OPA on the APA Council of Representatives. In my years of service to OPA, I have advocated for multiple issues, ranging from scope of professional practice to reimbursement. My experiences, including the roles I have held on the OPA Board, have prepared me to effectively advocate at the APA level for issues impacting psychology in Oregon and its diverse population. My OPA involvement began as Diversity Committee co-founder, and continued with various officer positions. I have attended the APA Practice Leadership Conference (PLC) numerous times in various roles (i.e., Diversity Delegate, OPA President, Chair of the APA Committee of State Leaders). PLC emphasizes the importance of advocacy, relationships with our political representatives, and state association involvement within APA, while deepening understanding of a broad range of practice issues.

Professionally I work with diverse children and families-many of whom have been historically underserved. I am engaged in numerous Tribal community-based participatory research projects, collaborating around infrastructure development for culturally appropriate mental health service systems. I also engage in culturally responsive assessment work with children and adolescents. My passion is for services to be accessible and culturally meaningful for our clients -and for policies to reflect this.

I completed my PsyD at Pacific University, and my pre/postdoctoral training at OHSU. My education and training background, professional work and leadership experiences have provided a strong foundation to represent our OPA voices at APA Council. I am passionate about advocacy and and kindly ask for your vote!

Candidate: Cliff A. Johannsen, PhD

Office: Council Representative

Candidate Statement:

Being your OPA / APA Council Representative for the past 3 years has been a challenging and rewarding experience. Hopefully you have found my periodic updates in the newsletter and on the listserv to be informative.

It is quite a different position than others I have held. In my first year I was appointed to the work group on APA policies and procedures, a direct result of the Hoffman Independent Review (IR). That involved weekly video conferences. I drafted a proposal for managing power differentials within APA governance, and spent a good amount of time also working on a transparency proposal. In the second year I was elected President of the caucus Association of Practicing Psychologists (APP), and was immediately plunged into controversy over the adoption of Clinical Practice Guidelines.

My election platform is driven by the values of openness, accessibility, diversity, inclusiveness, rigor and efficiency. I want to see APA become the professional association that anyone studying or working in the field of psychology is eager to join and support. To accomplish this our differences must be balanced with equanimity. Member engagement, leadership development, political advocacy, and participation in conversations about revising our social fabric are crucial to the future of psychology.

After 125 years APA continues to re-invent itself, and these activities will be ongoing for the foreseeable future. I am eagerly contributing to this process and hope that I can count on your vote for a second term in office.