Candidate Statements for Pennsylvania Psychological Association

Please note that the submission of a candidate statement was voluntary, so not all candidates listed on the ballot will have a statement.

Candidate: Paul W. Kettlewell, PhD

Office: Council Representative

Candidate Statement:

Paul Kettlewell, PhD, ABPP

Candidate Statement - APA Council

Why am I running?
To support a balanced and practical approach for professional psychology by listening well and advocating strongly. Some key issues:
• Full involvement of BH in health care reform
• Inclusion of psychologists in Medicare definition of “physician”
• Innovative health delivery and reimbursement models
• Funding for internships
• Integration of science/practice with evidence-based practice guidelines that respect complexity of clinical work
• Enhanced electronic communication with psychologists and public
• Support social policies for underserved - children at risk, prisoners, homeless

Relevant experiences at Geisinger Health System & community as program director, clinical teacher, applied researcher, and advocate. Developed with others:
• psychology internship and postdoctoral fellowship programs (founding director)
• behavioral health training program for pediatric residents
• consultative service for pediatric psychologists in the ED and Children’s Hospital
• program for children with chronic health problems (Camp Victory)
• behavioral health/primary care integration at Geisinger
• applied outcome research with publications and presentations of this work
• hospital privileges written into the bylaws for psychologists at Geisinger

• PhD in clinical psychology, Bowling Green State University
• former clinical assistant professor at Indiana University School of Medicine where I stayed as a staff member after completing my internship in child clinical psychology
• Clinical Associate Professor, Temple Medical School

Leadership roles/activities in professional psychology
• Past president of PPA
• Heiser Award from APA for advocacy activities
• Current member of CAPP (Committee for Advancement of Professional Practice) of APA

It would be a privilege to represent practicing psychologists and state associations.

Candidate: David A. Rogers, PhD

Office: Council Representative

Candidate Statement:

STATEMENT: In addition to having over thirty years of membership and leadership/service within PPA, I became a student member of APA in 1979 and continued as an early career psychologist. At this time in my career, it is an honor to be a candidate for APA State Representative for Pennsylvania. I believe that leadership is about service and servanthood. Consequently, I welcome the opportunity to serve both my state and national associations in way that furthers their distinction and vitality while embracing necessary changes to meet the challenges that lie ahead. In summary, I offer reflections about the Outward, the Inward, and the Onward.

The Outward: APA is well respected and recognized as a leader in legislative/professional matters in the nation. I intend to contribute to our profession’s prominence in the health care market.

The Inward: As Pennsylvania’s APA representative, I will continue to promote APA to psychologists, and psychology to legislators and insurers. Finally, I will work to make psychology an everyday word in households across my state and the nation.

The Onward: Our profession faces many seen and unforeseen challenges. As a state representative, I will do all that I can to ensure that APA continues to be a vital force in shaping policy that affects psychologists and our patients.