Candidate Statements for Division 46. Society for Media Psychology and Technology

Please note that the submission of a candidate statement was voluntary, so not all candidates listed on the ballot will have a statement.

Candidate: V. Krishna Kumar, PhD

Office: President-elect

Candidate Statement:

I am honored to be nominated to serve in the role of President for Division 46 Society for Media Psychology and Technology. I have been involved in the governance of Division 46 for many years in many capacities, having served on the Board of Directors as Member-at-Large (2009-2011) and again 2017 to present. I have served as the editor of The Amplifier Magazine for almost a decade, having transformed it from an old-fashioned pdf newsletter to an Online peer reviewed Magazine with a greatly increased readership and influence. Since 2012 I have chaired the Division 46 Fellow’s Committee. I have Presidential-level experience having been a President of Division 32 (2014), The Society for Humanistic Psychology. I have served as Program Chair or co-chair for Divisions 30, 32, and 46. I have been on the APA Film Festival Committee for the last three years. I believe that I would be able to bring these many relevant experiences inside and outside of our Division to bear on very effective leadership as its President. I am currently a professor of Psychology at West Chester University of Pennsylvania. I have been an active scientist and practitioner participating in research, teaching, practice, and professional organization activities over many years. I look forward to your support!

Candidate: Chrysalis L. Wright, PhD

Office: President-elect

Candidate Statement:

I am honored to be nominated for president of Division 46 (Society for Media Psychology and Technology). Over the past few years, the division has become my home and I am privileged to be surrounded by the wealth of knowledge that is contained within the division.

Currently I am secretary for the division and serve as chair for the division’s Presidential Task Force on the Sexualization of Popular Music, which is interdisciplinary and includes media experts from around the world. I also serve as the divisions representative for the refugee mental health resource network, which is a collaborative effort with a fellow APA division.

I am a recipient of the division’s Distinguished Early Career Professional Contributions to Media Psychology & Technology Award and received a Presidential Citation for my efforts with the Task Force. I am currently an associate lecturer in the psychology department at the University of Central Florida and direct the Media & Migration Lab. In addition, I have published multiple peer-reviewed articles in media research, including the first meta-analysis to focus solely on the effects of music content on sexual health outcomes.

As president of Division 46, I will work on promoting a balanced view of media effects, emphasizing clear coverage of both sides of relevant issues in relation to current research findings. I will also work on expanding diversity, membership, and mentorship within the division as well as collaborative efforts with fellow APA divisions. After all, media is everywhere, and our experts should be too.

Candidate: Frank Farley, PhD

Office: Member-at-Large

Candidate Statement:

I would be honored to be elected Member-at-Large of Division 46. This would allow for, among other efforts, 1) continued work on member recruitment at the Convention; 2) strong support of The Amplifier Magazine which has risen to the top ranks of APA online publications; 3)connecting with and working with the new APA Central Office administrative leadership; 4) bringing developments in such technology as AI and AR into a more central contribution of the Division; 5) aiding the Division in dealing with the growing issues of trust in and validity of mediated knowledge, and much more.

Division 46 is the global home for all of us interested in media psychology and technology. It is vital to keep it active and flourishing in this most media-driven of times, where change and innovation are central to society and psychology. I have worked for many years in many different ways on behalf of Division 46, and would look forward to making further contributions! Thanks so much! Frank