Candidate Statements for Division 50. Society of Addiction Psychology

Please note that the submission of a candidate statement was voluntary, so not all candidates listed on the ballot will have a statement.

Candidate: Linda Carter Sobell, PhD, ABPP

Office: President-elect

Candidate Statement:

It is an honor to be nominated for President Elect of the Society of Addiction Psychology (SoAP; Division 50). I have been in the addictions field for more than four decades. Over the last 6 years, I have been very active in SoAP, having been elected to serve two consecutive terms as the division's representative to the APA Council of Representatives. Although I am a fellow in seven APA divisions, Division 50 has a very special meaning for me as one of the original founders, and because I consider it my professional home. Besides Division 50, I have had other experience in the APA's governance structure including President of Division 12 in 2005 (Society of Clinical Psychology), and their Council Representative (2007-2009).

As your COR representative, over the past 5 1/2 years I have worked very actively to have the SoAP get and retain two Council of Representatives seats. Our division has been well managed by several excellent past presidents, and I intend to support all of the many new avant garde opportunities these presidents have introduced, including the vastly improved website, opportunities for our early career members, and the annual and very successful Collaborative Perspectives on Addiction conference. As SoAP President, I will work to enhance collaborative engagement between addiction practitioners and researchers.

Linda Sobell

Candidate: Linda M. Skalski, PhD

Office: Secretary

Candidate Statement:

I would be honored to be nominated for Secretary of the Society of Addiction Psychology. As an early career psychologist, I recently joined faculty at an academic medical center with the goal of developing an integrative substance use disorder clinic. My experience working with individuals struggling with substance use disorders has strengthened my conviction that through practicing psychology we can positively and meaningfully impact the lives of others. My research has been funded by NIDA and focuses on understanding how substance use impacts neurocognitive functioning and risk behaviors. I am incredibly motivated and enthusiastic to become more involved in SoAP and to encourage others early in their careers to do the same. I would greatly appreciate your support.

Candidate: Ty Schepis, PhD

Office: Treasurer

Candidate Statement:

Dear Society of Addiction Psychology members:
I am seeking your vote to undertake a second term as Treasurer of the society. Since assuming the Treasurer’s role in August 2015, the Society has initiated two large grant funding mechanisms, one for students and one for Early Career Psychologists, and has continued to support the Collaborative Perspectives on Addiction annual meeting. Even with these commitments, the Society has both increased its overall monetary assets and has recently invested $40,000 in long-term (mutual fund) investments. Thus, at a time when many APA divisions are scaling back in terms of both membership and financial commitments, the Society on Addiction Psychology has been able to expand its support for members and continue improving its long-term financial outlook.

I have been honored to help the Society in its financial position, along with the other Executive Board leadership. In seeking your nomination and vote, I plan during my second term as Treasurer to continue a financial course that balances a desire to offer increased support for current and potential members with long-term fiscal prudence. Please contact me ( if you have any questions about my work as Treasurer and my plan for a potential second term. Thank you for your consideration.

Candidate: Kirk G. Bowden, PhD

Office: Member-at-Large

Candidate Statement:

I would be honored to serve as Member-at-Large (Science) for the Society of Addiction Psychology. I have years of experience advocating on behalf of applying science to addiction treatment at both the state and national level. I have served on federal agency expert panels and steering committees, including the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT), and Addiction Technology Transfer Center (ATTC). I have spent time on Capital Hill lobbying for a variety of issues that impact addiction treatment and addiction professionals. This past April I was an expert panelist for a U.S. Congressional briefing on the opioid epidemic. I served on the Steering Committee of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Coalition for National Criteria. I serve on the Opioid’s Guidelines Review Panel of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. I am an advisory editor for the International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction and I serve on the editorial board of Substance Abuse, the professional journal of the Association for Medical Education and Research in Substance Abuse. At the APA conference in August I received the 2017 Society of Addiction Psychology (SoAP) Award for Distinguished Career Contribution to Education and Training.

Candidate: Raymond F. Hanbury, PhD, ABPP

Office: Council Representative

Candidate Statement:

It is an honor being on the ballot for Council of Representatives for Division 50 -SoAP. As one of the co-founders of 50, I have remained actively engaged in 50 serving as President, year on Council, Associate Editor of our original journal, and past Board of Consulting Editors of current journal, CAPP liaison and working with our Executive Board for years.

One of our current tasks is to maintain the Certificate of Proficiency credential that many of us attained which APA discontinued administration of it. We have succeeded transferring the credential to another agency. I am co-chair of the committee working for the subspecialty of Addiction Psychology under ABPP. We have advanced this project to the point this might become a realty. Being fully credentialed as a specialist in our field is considered to be essential given the epidemic in our country.

Having served in APA governance through numerous committees, advisory boards, and CAPP,I have gained the knowledge, experience, and commitment to have our Division in the forefront of areas that effect us in practice, research, and education.

It is essential that we are part of the integrated health system, addressing areas such as the marijuana issue, violence, issues effecting addictions, internship positions, training students, and ECPs. We must be part of the change in and outside of the changing APA.

It would be a privilege to serve as your Representative for Division 50 of dedicated clinicians, researchers, and educators in order to pursue the mission and vision of SoAP.

Candidate: Jeffrey T. Parsons, PhD

Office: Council Representative

Candidate Statement:

I am honored to be nominated for Council Representative for SoAP. I have been conducting addiction research for over 25 years, with a particular focus on the role of addictions in HIV/AIDS infection and treatment. I am Professor of Psychology at Hunter College and the Graduate Center, and am committed to training the next generation of addiction researchers focused on HIV/AIDS. Since 1996, I have been the founder and Director of the Center for HIV Educational Studies and Training ( and am currently the Principal Investigator of three R01s (two from NIDA and one from NIAAA). My research focuses on the testing of interventions designed to reduce drug and alcohol abuse as a way to reduce new HIV infections and improve the health of those living with HIV. Much of my work focuses on underserved needs of sexual and gender minorities. I have published over 300 peer reviewed publications, serve on multiple editorial boards, and have served as a member and Chair of standing NIH study sections.

I have previously served in APA Governance on the Committee on Psychology and AIDS (COPA) and have worked with the Government Relations Office of the APA Science Directorate to promote and defend federally funded research and maintain the scientific integrity of the peer review process. I would welcome the opportunity to advocate for SoAP within the APA’s governance structure.