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4.  * Do you provide services directly to HIV-positive individual(s)?
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6.  * Do you provide services to family members/significant others of HIV-positive individual(s)?
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7.  * What facility BEST describes the primary setting where you work? (Please choose only ONE)
Academic Institution Hospital/Hospital-based clinic Community Based Organization
Substance Abuse Treatment Long-term Care Not Working
Correctional Facility Religious Organization Private Practice
Hospice Non-Hospital Mental Health Public Health Agency/Clinic
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8.  * Which setting BEST represents where the above work setting is located?
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9.  * Please indicate the number of years that you have provided service in the following areas:
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or less
3-5 yrs. 6-10 yrs. More than 10 yrs
Direct HIV-related clinical mental health services (i.e., therapy)
Indirect services to HIV-positive individuals (see question #5 for example)

10.  * Please choose from the list below to indicate HIV-affected populations with which you have specialized expertise
(you may choose more than one):
Adolescents Asian
Children American Indian/Alaska Native
Men Who Have Sex with Men Black/African American
Injection Drug Users Hispanic/Latino(a)
Seriously Mentally Ill Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
Women White/Caucasian
Other  (specify)  

11. On what HIV related topics do you anticipate/want to train?  
12. What audience do you hope or anticipate reaching in an HIV training?  

Please upload the following documents (they are required to complete your application):

  • A brief letter describing your HIV-related clinical, research, and training experience, and

  • your Curriculum Vita.

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Deadline For Submission of Application and Materials is April 25, 2012.